It wasn’t just the Phantom getting a Pro version during DJI’s California event. The much-anticipated refresh of the Inspire series is here and in a word – damn. There is something for everyone here and the drone behemoth made sure we knew it was for professionals. Or people with the cash lying about who want the best.

I don’t mind the prosumer label, but judging by the upgrades on the Inspire 2, the folks at DJI prefer to keep things professional.


If you’re in the helicopter aerial filming business, I’d start to think about adapting the business plan. And pray the FAA keeps the flight window under 400 feet. Those restrictions will get lifted as aerial drone film companies show they can operate within the confines of traditional helicopter filming.

What’s New on the Inspire 2?

The big ‘want’ from Inspire 1 owners was a true dual operator mode. While you could pair up on the original Inspire, the person flying the drone was relying on line of sight. That’s solved with the dedicated two-axis FPV camera. The pilot can control the aircraft with precision, while the camera operator can focus on the shot.

DJI Inspire 2

We all beg for extended battery life. A dual battery system was developed to keep the Inspire 2 in the air for up to 27 minutes. It’ll be nice to see it stretch past 30 minutes, but it’s a hell of an upgrade over the sub-20 minutes found on the original. A self-heating system allows Inspire 2 operators to fly in extreme conditions.

Need speed? The Inspire 2 tops out at 67 mph and can hit 0-50 mph in under 4 seconds. Perfect for action shots or doing profile work on cars and watercraft.

Sensors. If you thought the Phantom 4 Pro had sensors, DJI went all in with the Inspire 2. While the object avoidance come into play during protected flight at a max speed of 34 mph, the drone has near complete protection.

Front and downward vision systems can detect objects 30 meters away and help you avoid an expensive ‘oops’ moment. Upward facing sensors scan five meters above the Inspire 2 for enclosed flying.

Inspire 2 Live Broadcast

The range we marveled at with the Mavic Pro is here on the Inspire 2. Granted 4.3 miles is out of line of sight in most situations, but I won’t say anything if you don’t.

DJI Inspire 2 features

For broadcasters looking to get better live shots, the Inspire 2 has a dedicated 1080i50 and 720p60 transmission signal. Plug the controller into a satellite truck, and you’re ready to rock.

New Zenmuse Cameras

Two new cameras make their debut for the Inspire 2 – the X4S and X5S. Here’s where you need to watch what you’re ordering, or you’ll end up vastly overpaying for the Inspire 2 system.

Here’s the comparison of the two cameras:

[powerkit_table id=Zenmuse /]

Big difference between the two in capability and price. Anyone else think the X4S is destined to appear on the Osmo 2?

Inspire 2 Short Film

Hammering home the point the system is designed for professional filmmaking is a short film released by DJI:

Price and Release Date

Count on January for the release. Technically the Inspire 2 Premium Combo ships 3-5 weeks after payment putting it in the hands of some in late December. Toss in Christmas nuttiness, and it’s easier to say January 2017.

Price is dependent on what you want. The Inspire 2 does not come with a camera at $2,999.00. Add $800 for the X4S. The premium combo mentioned above comes with the X5S and license keys for CinemaDNG and Apple ProRes. That’ll set you back $6000.

Sound off in the comments. Anything missing you wanted to see in the Inspire 2? The company has cemented itself in a league of its own when it comes to consumer drones.

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