DJI has added another drone for sale and the Phantom 4 lineup gets a new sibling. Say hello to the DJI Phantom 4 Advanced. It comes less than six months after the release of the Phantom 4 Pro, and it will usher in the end of the lifecycle of the Phantom 4 (April 30).

The major differences are between the original Phantom 4 and the new Advanced model instead of the Pro model. DJI is essentially pulling a Nikon – which released the D7500 yesterday as what amounts to a baby D500.

Comparing the Phantom 4 Advanced and the Phantom 4

Camera. Camera. Camera. The Advanced model borrows the same one-inch sensor from the Phantom 4 Pro and can now shoot 4K/60fps video at a bitrate of 100Mbps. Aerial photography fans will love the 20-megapixel sensor. Contrast the Phantom 4 Advanced’s camera with the 12MP still / 4K 60Mbps bitrate of the Phantom 4.

Since the unveiling of the Mavic Pro, each new DJI release has seen the range extended out to 4.3 miles and the obstacle sensing range from 15 meters to 30 meters. That doesn’t mean aim for the side of your house and go all in. It’s there as an assist, not to rescue you playing chicken with a brick wall.

Is the Phantom 4 Advanced a Phantom 4 Pro?

Almost. Operators will get the same battery life, camera, video encoding modes, still photography settings and the like. To shave the couple hundred dollars off the price, what the Advanced loses is the rear vision sensors and two infrared sensors in the FlightAutonomy system.

DJI Phantom 4 Advanced with controller

The other missing features are it drops support for the 5.8Ghz band. If you don’t know why you need the 5.8Ghz frequency band, go with the cheaper option.

Both models have two variants. One with a standard controller in which you supply the tablet or smartphone. The other has the integrated 5.5-inch 1080p touchscreen.

Phantom 4 Advanced Price and Release Date

The cheapest model prices at $1,349.00 with the regular remote controller. Those wanting the integrated screen – the Phantom 4 Advanced+ is $1,649.00. Preorders are happening now with a release/shipping date slated for April 30.

Compare the Advanced pricing to that of the Phantom 4 Pro which is $1,499 / $1,799.

Goodbye Phantom 4, Hello?

The launch of the Advanced means the end of the original Phantom 4. DJI will still provide after sales support and updates to the DJI GO app, but it’s clear the company wants to further its stranglehold over the consumer drone market. The only path forward is to get the best camera sensor into affordable camera drones.

DJI removing the original Phantom 4 also leaves a bit of hole in the DJI lineup. It’s here we could see the DJI Spark fill the gap. The announcement also makes it hard to imagine a Phantom 5 suddenly appearing. The company wants to dominate each market tier – budget, hobbyist, prosumer and professional camera drones. Sound off below on what you think of the new Phantom 4 Advanced.

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