dji fpv goggles soft launch

It’s not the fanfare we are used to, but we have the first release from DJI in 2021. Say hello to the DJI FPV Goggle V2. While the design remains the same, the internals are getting a complete overhaul. 

According to the product page, the refresh rate is being bumped from 120Hz to 144Hz. If you’re a gamer, you’ll know the refresh rate is all the rage for games with quick movements. Safe to say, FPV drones fall under that category of benefiting from ultra-fast refresh rates. 

In addition to the faster refresh rates, the screen resolution is enjoying a bump from 720p to 800p. It’s not full HD, but the video will see an uptick in sharpness. FPS for low-latency and high-quality modes are staying the same in V2 of the FPV Goggles with 120 and 60fps making the leap from the original to the new goggles. 

The DJI FPV Goggles are getting an upgrade to an integrated 1800 mAh 2S Lipo on the battery front, which will be good for 110 minutes of use. 

One possible downside is the new features equal a price increase to $569 for the Goggles. 

DJI FPV Goggles Soft Launch?

Before you head over to DJI’s North American store, the page currently lists the V1 Goggles. Overseas, in the Hong Kong store, you can see them being offered for sale. The confusion has led to some YouTubers releasing their initial impressions, including famed FPV pilot, Nurk. 

I’d say we are about a week or two out before we see a more official launch.

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