Stratus Productions is showing off in its latest video that pairs a 1000-watt LED to an Alta 8 drone. Sure, you can’t add this to your Amazon cart, but it shows the depth of the DIY drone scene. The effects it creates are incredible for both videography and night photography.

Whatever magic they used, the DIY drone-mounted LED manages ten minutes of flight time. That’s not a typo. Ten minutes with that much light. Fast forward to around 2 minutes to see the incredible effects.

Check the description for the cameras used. For those that can handle a DIY build, the lights used in the video are here. The Alta 8 sets you back well over $17,000, so prepare to break the bank. But a Franken Phantom 4 with a few lights? DJI should add the option to its next product refresh.

Freefly Alta 8

The setup isn’t just for incredible scenes and lighting at night. What Stratus did could easily be converted into drones dedicated to search and rescue. You can see in the video above; a 1000-watt system can put down serious light. In a race against time, a drone lighting system could be the key to saving a person’s life.

Those in still photography are staring at the video and imagining the type of low light shots we could grab.

Here’s how the LED bar was built:

Damn, I want that as a flashlight. The rctestflight YouTube channel is behind the creation. They are also the same people behind pulling a surfer with the same Freefly Alta 8.

The guys have too much fun. Freefly’s Alta 8 is heavy duty, but don’t look for it to be our next surfing accessory. And $17,000 over water pulling a surfer? That’s way too rich for me. It’s cool, but one screw up and you get to watch nearly $20K sink beneath the surf.

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