During the 2015 Game Awards, Bethesda announced a promotion to award a random Elder Scrolls Online player $1 million. All you need to do is play the game. And then the jokes about Bethesda having to pay people to play the game poured from the message boards and comment sections.

Now, you can try out the game for free. The Elder Scrolls Online will be free to play this weekend for PC and Xbox One players. Sorry PS4 folks. No free to play weekend yet. Bethesda did say they are working with Sony on a “technical solution” to support a free weekend and hope to have one soon.

Own a Xbox One? You can start downloading the game at 3 am EST on Thursday. Once it’s finished, you are good to go. The free to play weekend will last until December 14th at 3 am EST.

PC players can get started downloading the Elder Scrolls Online client right now. Bethesda teamed up with various gaming websites to give out PC codes for the free to play weekend.

As for the $1 million? No, you can’t play for free this weekend and be entered into the $1 million contest. You’re going to have to buy the game. From the Bethesda blog:

If you decide to purchase ESO before the Free Play Weekend concludes on December 14th at 3 am EST, not only will you save 60% on the game but all your progress from the weekend will carry over! In addition, you’ll be entered to win $1 million (USD).

Besides discounting the game, Bethesda will also discount the price of crowns for the weekend. Crowns are used to buy everything from mounts to DLC. Here are the discounts.

– 1,500 crown packs will be 25% off
– 3,000 crown packs will be 33% off
– 5,500 crown packs will be 40% off

A smart move more publishers should adopt

NBA 2K16

Even NBA 2K16 had a free weekend.

This is the third game I can think of in recent months that is offering a free weekend on Xbox One. It’s a smart move to try and attract players who missed a game at launch. Or for a game that has seen major improvements since launch.

These free weekends don’t guarantee a turnaround, though. Evolve held a free weekend a few months ago. But that didn’t do much to sway opinions on the game.

I’d like to see Rainbow Six: Siege get a free weekend soon. It’s beta was rough, but I’ve heard nothing but good things from my friends who are playing it now.

Will you give Elder Scrolls Online a go this weekend? Let me know in the comments. I’ll be jumping on to see what Bethesda has done with it since launch.

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