If there’s a way for me to destroy my back and neck, I’ll find it. Falling off the porch. Getting taken out by a border collie. Whiplash concussions at Little River Canyon. Hell, I almost got decapitated in a car wash. Ask yourself how many people you know of who’s had a car accident in an automatic car wash. Exactly.

Enter Ergo, the posture transformer. It’s a Kickstarter campaign, so we all know the drill. But it’s already crushing its funding goal of $5,000. Current funding is sitting at nearly $600,000 with nine days left in the campaign. Damn, we are some slouchers. Me? I’m tense from the next hit. And I have the terrible slouching at the computer problem.

The idea is simple, and what should look like a torture device is surprisingly well done considering alternatives look like something you’d find at a CIA black site.

  • Here’s what the Ergo promises:
  • Effortlessly sit up straight at your computer
  • Relieve excess strain off your back, neck and shoulders
  • Improve balance and equilibrium
  • Rapidly gain stronger, confident and more attractive posture
  • Unleash more energy and core power

How Ergo Works

The back piece is the posture pivot point, which supports the thoracic vertebrae and adjusts them into the correct alignment. The idea is to rebalance your head to a neutral position. Then it moves to the shoulder abductor points to force your shoulders down into a relaxed position. Yeah, I need that. Here’s what my shoulders do:

And finally the chest expansion point. Throw those shoulders back and be proud. Ergo recommends wearing the device for up to six hours a day, but I think I need a permanent one. The company says the device is like wearing an ergonomic chair. Actually, it’s like sitting in said ergonomic chair correctly. Before you toss the standing desk, you can use it in a variety of work environments. Your sadistic boss think it’s hilarious to have a balance ball as an office chair? It’s covered. Any normal office chairs are fine and the standing desks.

It doesn’t just correct our postures. Ergo serves as a way to exercise and relieve neck, back and shoulder pain. You know what that means. There’s an app with all the exercises, scheduled notifications and owner’s manual.

ergo posture benefits

Benefits of 100% Posture Alignment

Less strain on your back and neck. Won’t prevent me from doing something stupid, but at least recovery will be faster. According to Ergo, you can enjoy 30% less stress, 35% more productivity and one to three inches added to your height. I’ll take being 6’3” in four weeks.

Why do we slouch? It turns out it’s not laziness but gravity’s fault. According to Collon Brown, the creator, it’s the Earth’s fault. Ok and laziness. You slouch because your foundational muscles are too weak to hold your body erect against the force of gravity. Your body is like a high-rise building with a bowling ball on top. Without strong structural support, the building collapses.

Ergo Details

  • One size fits all – Fits XXS-XXL
  • Fully adjustable
  • M/F 10+ years
  • Comfortable
  • Water Resistant
  • Portable
  • Light weight
  • Durable

The Kickstarter price is set at $89 for early backers – only 36 remain. Then the price jumps to $129. With Kickstarter, the ship date always matters. Current pledges will have their Ergo in September. Early backers managed to get in on the May delivery, so the company is planning tight turnarounds and then ramping into mass production.

Other tiers include a double pack for $198 and a family pack of five for $399. Head over to the campaign page to learn more about the technology and benefits.

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