Not all went according to plan for three crew members heading to the International Space Station. A stuck solar array on the Russian-built Soyuz capsule provided an eventful flight for the three-man crew. Luckily, the stuck solar array didn’t affect the flight at all.

Russian engineers were worried that the malfunctioning solar array may lead to higher temperatures inside the capsule, but the crew reported everything was fine.

Check out the tweet from NASA below showing the stuck solar array on the Soyuz capsule. It might look a bit funny, but it still got the job done.

The new, three-man crew including Russia’s first woman (Elena Serova) aboard the ISS, join Russian Commander Maxim Suraev, U.S. Flight Engineer Reid Wiseman and Flight Engineer Alexander Gerst from Germany. Gerst is best known for his breathtaking images he posts daily on his Twitter. Suraev and his crew will be returning to Earth in November. Hopefully, someone else takes the Twitter helm. Gerst tweeted an awesome time-lapse of day-night cycle aboard the ISS earlier today. Check it out below.

The new crew will work for 170 days before returning to Earth in March 2015. According to NASA, the crew will conduct hundreds of experiments and observations over the next several months. These will range from observing meteors impacting Earth’s atmosphere to studies of bone and muscle physiology and seedling growth.

Image credit: NASA

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