Turn down Facebook’s billions? Fine, the company will just build an app in the attempt to siphon users away. Facebook may have killed its Poke app, but rumors are circulating that it is building a Snapchat clone, dubbed Slingshot.

If you have used Snapchat, then Slingshot’s features will be instantly recognizable. If the app sees light, users will be able to snap a photo or video, select friends from a grid list of your friends and toss messages back and forth. Where the similarities of Snapchat end is the auto self-destruct functionality. The rumors of the app did not mention a timeframe in which the message would ‘disappear’.

Facebook would be fighting an uphill battle in that Snapchat has a sizable user base. The target demographic is one that Facebook is having issues with, young people. Snapchat is also increasing its featureset, adding text messaging for the app earlier this month. Facebook’s Slingshot would be the bare bones imitation of the earlier Snapchat.

Yahoo has also entered the self-destructing message space with its purchase of Snapchat competitor, Blink. The company has been on an acquisition spree since Marissa Mayer took over CEO duties at Yahoo. It may not be showing up in earnings yet, but Yahoo is building a content and feature juggernaut.

According to the reports, Slingshot has been in development for a few months, which coincides with the time-frame that Snapchat CEO spurned Facebook’s offer of $3 billion. Will we see a continual proliferation of self-destruct messaging apps? Or is the vertical heading for serious consolidation?

Either way, Snapchat will be going up against tech titans. Knowing the space, it wouldn’t be surprising for other suitors to come along and try to buy up Snapchat. Or, at least offers that Snapchat gets to inexplicably turn down.

For those looking for the Slingshot app, you may have to wait a bit. Timeframes range from this month all the way to it may never see the app stores.


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