Today is the day. Diablo 3’s auction house is no more. Six months after announcing the closure of the auction house, it is officially offline. You can still access the auction house from the main menu, but you will not be able to bid, buyout or list new items.

Current items will be listed until their auction time has ended. It looks like the auction house interface will stay on until at least June 24th.

When you access the auction house today. You’ll see the following message. “The Auction House is shutting down. You must claim your items from the Completed tab by 6/24. Existing auctions will complete based on the time remaining.”

The closure of Diablo 3’s auction house comes a few weeks ahead of Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls expansion. The expansion adds a new class, 10 levels and other features to Diablo 3.

Diablo 3 has seen a resurgence over the past couple of weeks following the loot 2.0 patch. The 2.0 patch addressed many of the concerns surrounding Diablo 3, most notably the poor legendary drop rate.

What are your thoughts on Blizzard abandoning the auction house?


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