Well, so much for a September release, but how does October 1 sound? GoPro has released its first teaser of the upcoming GoPro Hero 8 and Max promising an announcement on October 1. 

Technically, not really a teaser but a Live Event reminder to have your alarms set for that Tuesday at 8 am CST. YouTube automatically adjusts for your timezone. There’s no need for a marketing tease. We know thanks to the flood of leaks out of the company and regulatory agencies what we are getting on October 1.

Here are the GoPro Hero 8 Black and GoPro Max Features

The title of ‘Go Beyond Next Level’ is definitely a nod to 4K video above 60fps. Most leaks and rumors have the GoPro Hero 8 Black hitting 4K at 120fps and 1080p at 480fps. That’s going to make for some absolutely stunning slow-motion effects. 

GoPro Hero 8 and GoPro Max features

While GoPro is known for its action camera chops, expect these video specs to cause quite a stir in the FPV drone community. With the lack of camera drone announcements in 2019, the FPV community has stepped up and provided some of the most stunning footage we’ve seen from a drone.

Other GoPro Hero 8 features expected are new accessories. We’ve seen leaked product images with the Hero 8 Black featuring an LED light, microphone, and a screen. Also on the spec list is the GP2 chip, an improved lens, and overall better image quality. 

It’s the same 12-megapixel sensor, but it’s an action camera. Image quality improvements can be handled with software and the GP2 chip. Sure, I’d love to see a megapixel bump, but I’ll take 4K video at 120fps over a few extra megapixels.

How much will the GoPro Hero 8 cost? Ah, the price question. With the Osmo Action lurking in the market at $300, GoPro does have some decisions to make. The features scream $399 or a bit higher, but I’m leaning towards a $350 price. That’s the actual MSRP of the Osmo Action once its sale ends. And with the rumored features, the two wouldn’t even be on the same level. My guess on why the event is titled ‘Go Beyond Next Level.’

Then there’s the GoPro Max which will serve as the replacement to the GoPro Fusion. Think your VR, 180-degree videos, and you are spot on what the Max can output. Initially, it was rumored to hit 4K at 120 fps, but that has since been paired back to 2.7K at 120fps. That makes sense as GoPro will want product delineation to position the Hero 8 Black as the best of the new GoPros. 

That should wrap the GoPro event in October. Could they have a few surprises? Maybe, but as leaky as the GoPro 8 has been, I think we pretty much know what’s coming. The next question is will DJI respond with a new Osmo Action. I’d say not until next year, but the company has been relentless with its Osmo line in 2019. 

It looks like fun times ahead for fans of the action camera market.

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