Besides having one of the coolest names for a volcano, Bardarbunga has also been the scene of some outstanding footage. One team of videographers used a drone to capture an incredible, bird’s eye view of the volcano’s eruption. Check out the up close view of the Holuhraun fissure site in the GIF below.

volcano eruption

Smoke rises into the air as the drone buzzes above the fissure. As the drone gets closer, the magnitude of the lava eruption becomes clearer. Huge chunks of molten rock flies into the air as a river of red-hot lava flows away from the fissure.

On the last flight to the fissure drone operator and film director Eric Cheng wanted to get a bit closer. He got a little too close. The video feed cut out. Cheng initiated the drone’s fail safe mode to get it back to him.

“Apparently it had been so hot that the camera had melted,” said Cheng in the making-of-video below. “Luckily the micro SD card survived – I was able to pull all the footage off of it.” Score 1 for Bardarbunga. Check out the melted GoPro below.

melted GoPro

DJI, the crew behind the video, also released a montage clip. This video is their first in a new series called “DJI Feats.” I can’t wait to see more incredible drone footage from them in the future.

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