Years of painstaking development are coming to a head for Guerrilla Games. Watch as Aloy learns of a deadly new threat facing her tribe in a unique take on a post-apocalyptic world.

Every time I see a new trailer for Horizon Zero Dawn, I get more pumped to play the final game. Guerrilla Games cut their development teeth with the Killzone franchise. The shooters never quite turned into the mainstay shooter Sony wanted, but they were damn good looking games with decent gameplay.

The presentation refined in Killzone games is on full display with Horizon Zero Dawn. Environments are breathtaking, and as today’s trailer shows, varied. We won’t be meandering through just wide open fields. You can see cities, building interiors and more in the two-minute-plus trailer above.

I’m curious to see how Guerrilla Games does with a third-person action-RPG game. For 10+ years, the studio created first-person shooters. The switch in camera and genre is a big one. We’ll see on February 28 if the devs can deliver.

One thing is for certain; they nailed the setting. I love how they meshed a post-apocalypse with tribal communities and robots serving as the new wildlife. The sharp contrast between technology, old and new, looks fantastic with Guerrilla Games’ proprietary Decima game engine.

And Guerrilla Games isn’t keeping the tech to themselves, either. Last month, Kojima Productions announced they were using the same engine powering Horizon Zero Dawn’s world.

Now, I just need to lock myself up come February 28 and finish Horizon Zero Dawn before Ghost Recon: Wildlands comes out. And Mass Effect: Andromeda. February and March are packed with big releases. Are you picking up Horizon Zero Dawn right away, or waiting a little bit?

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