Daniel Craig plays a great James Bond, but damn man, smile. We are getting our first look at Spectre, and of course 007 looks like he needs a therapist more than a license to kill.

What does he have to be happy about? Oh, just the baddest cars in existence. He gets to blow stuff up. And the Bond women. Yeah, get rid of the dour look.

The film picks up where Skyfall left off. That’s why we are getting the emotionless Bond, and new cast of characters. Naomie Harris plays Moneypenny, and Monica Bellucci earns the title as the oldest Bond Girl ever. She’s 50. Does she look 50? Hell no.

Judging by the trailer, she’s earning the title of the best Bond Girl ever with ease. Spectre could be the last run for Daniel Craig as James Bond. Yes, the rumors will not stop about Idris Elba taking over the role.

Hey, if the man can cancel the apocalypse, he can surely fill 007’s shoes.


For once, the villain is the character I’m looking forward to the most in a James Bond film. We catch a glimpse of Franz Oberhauser, played by the excellent Christoph Waltz. As soon as you hear him speak in the trailer, you are immediately hyped for the film.

If this follows previous Bond films, Spectre stands for Special Executive for Counterintelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion. Basically MI6 for the bad guys. The organization showed up in the classic Bond movies, Thunderball and Dr. No.

Sam Mendes is directing the film, his followup for Skyfall.

The trailer is actually a teaser trailer for the actual trailer. So, while this clocks in at just over a minute, expect the full-length trailer soon.


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