With phones getting thinner, new technology is being demanded to shoehorn long-lasting batteries into a small case. Safety has been a chief concern, along with form factor.

Luckily, researchers at the University of Michigan may have found a breakthrough to solve both the safety concerns and form factor issues at the same time. It is all about Kevlar. The team developed Kevlar-based, nanosized membranes that insulate the electrodes in the battery.

This process reduces the chance of a short that could lead to a fire. It also allows for more energy in the given space.

What does this mean? Better battery life for smaller devices. Wearables immediately come to mind. Companies would be able to place long-lasting batteries in smart watches without safety concerns.

Vapor Ware?

With most breakthroughs, you see promise but never application. That isn’t the case with the University of Michigan team. The researchers have formed Elegus Technologies and is expecting mass production of the kevlar-equipped lithium batteries to come online in late 2016.

Depending on partnership agreements, you could start to see the batteries in your devices in 2017. For once, the advertised battery life could actually be true. That would be a definite switch.

Oh, and just because it says kevlar-infused doesn’t make it bulletproof. Don’t win the Darwin Award for doing something incompetent.

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