Today brings a closer look at the story coming in Star Wars Battlefront 2. And it’s packed full of incredible visuals. Let’s take a look.

What happened in the aftermath of Darth Vader chucking the Emperor to his death? That’s the question Star Wars Battlefront 2 aims to answer. But it’s also going to be an answer that appears to span many years. The trailer is a who’s who in Star Wars lore. Luke Skywalker, Leia, Kylo Ren, the Millennium Falcon, and Maz Kanata all make appearances.

While the trailer is packed full of Star Wars imagery, it lacks in the gameplay department. Which has folks wondering why? Maybe EA doesn’t want to spoil too much. The more cynical view is that the story is full of cinematic flair, but lacks on the gameplay and encounter front. Kind of like Battlefield 1.

UPDATE: Several outlets just started posting story gameplay. Give the Eurogamer video a watch below. It’s the best one I’ve seen so far.

Before we jump down EA’s throat, there are two reasons to be hopeful about Battlefront 2’s story.

A dedicated developer. This isn’t DICE trying to do everything anymore. EA brought in another one of their studios, Motive, to handle the story portion. While Battlefront 2 will be Motive’s first credit, they are led by veterans of the gaming industry. Jade Raymond (Assassin’s Creed) and Kim Swift (Portal) are just two of the big names helping lead the studio. They know a thing or two about making great games.

This doesn’t mean Battlefront 2’s story is guaranteed to be a hit, but it also means it’s not some tacked on afterthought.

Four single-player only locations. This should ease some worries that Battlefront 2’s story is just taking the multiplayer maps and making story missions out of them. There are 18 locations coming to Battlefront 2. 14 of them are in multiplayer. Another four are single-player only. Sullust, Pillio, Vardos, and Bespin are worlds we’ll only see in the story.

Battlefront 2 locations

We also see glimpses of Naboo and Takonda in the story trailer.

The lack of gameplay for the single player doesn’t automatically mean it’s going to be garbage. Titanfall 2’s story was almost universally praised. And here are the two single player trailers for it.

Look at that. A whole bunch of cinematic cuts. Now I’m not saying Battlefront 2 will be Titanfall 2, but we can hope. What I am saying is let’s wait for Battlefront 2 to release before we cast judgment.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is coming November 17th. EA/Origin Access members get the usual early trial.

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