Man. I was sure GTA V was coming in October. But, no worries. We won’t have to wait long to jump back into the misadventures of Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Rockstar Games announced today Xbox One and PS4 owners can jump back into their latest GTA installment on November 18. Sorry PC owners. You guys have to wait until January 27 to get your hands on GTA V.

The release date comes at the end of a fresh trailer. The graphical upgrades are obvious and substantial. Rockstar worked some magic getting GTA V to run decent on Xbox 360 and PS3. The developer flexes its muscle with the new hardware. The PC version will look even better if you have one that can push graphics to the edge.

Current gen and PC versions will several new improvements and additional features. More wildlife, new foliage and denser traffic were highlighted in Rockstar’s press release. Additional weapons, vehicles and activities will keep Los Santos interesting for those who are returning for another go. Damage and weather effects are also getting a boost.

It’s not a GTA title without the popular radio stations. 100 new songs and new DJ mixes are being added across the title’s 17 radio stations.

One of the biggest improvements is player count. Online play will now support up to 30 players on PS4 and Xbox One. Free mode gets even more hectic.

What about your progress from last generation? Rockstar will let you transfer GTA Online characters and progression to their platform of choice.

It’s crazy that two of my most anticipated games this fall are remasters. Halo and GTA. Just one more thing Rockstar. Heists. They better be there.

Here’s a few extra images showing off the bump in detail to GTA V.






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