Most of the time when I hear all-in-one PC, it’s a quick click away from the screen. When has all-in-one PC ever done it right? I’ll keep my iMac, thank you very much.

Until now. Maingear has raised the curtains to show off its Alpha 34 AIO. The selling point? It’s an AIO with a curved 34-inch Ultra HD display. 3840×1440 of gaming and entertainment goodness. Maingear put in the ports so it can double as your TV too.

Oh, and it’s future-proofed. Looking at you Apple. Love my 5K iMac, but really? No upgrading? With the Alpha 34, gone are the days of buying a monitor contained system and being stuck with the hardware.

The desktop performance and ease of upgrade you love in your tower? It’s now in an AIO. Graphics card lagging? Swap it. Need a new processor? Done. RAM? Come on.

Maingear Alpha 34

The options are limitless. Maingear offers three basic configurations: H110/Z710 for gaming, X99 for gaming/work and the Professional, which swaps the gaming components for a workstation configuration.

Everything inside is cooled with Maingear’s custom liquid-cooling setup. Processing power varies from Intel i3 and Skylake quad cores to the Intel Xeon 18 core processor.

Maingear's Alpha 34 AIO

Graphics run the list from a basic AMD Radeon R7 360X to the Nvidia Quadro M6000. Memory choices are stuck at 8GB or 16GB of DDR4 RAM. Storage options for the two hard drive bays range from the pedestrian 7200rpm 1TB drives to Samsung’s 850 Pro SSDs.

For those that need a little color in their life, Maingear offers something other than brushed black aluminum. Using Glasurit paints found on luxury cars, you can choose between what Maingear offers, or opt for a $400 custom gloss or matte paint job.


I’m going to rain on our parade a bit. Want a monitor contained AIO that’s future-proofed? Prepare to pay. The markup on the Alpha 34 is intense.

The H110 model starts at $2,000. That will get you an Intel i3 6100 with an AMD R7 360X, 8GB of RAM and a 7200rpm 1TD HDD. Those specs aren’t going to have you playing at max settings.

Want a Nvidia Titan X? Add $1,140. Core i7 6700k? Another $275. Two Samsung 256GB EVO SSDs will set you back another $200. Want two 1TB EVO SSDs? Another grand.

For the fun of it, I priced an H110 out as follows: Alpine White, ASUS ROG Maximus motherboard, i7 6700k, closed loop liquid cooling, 16GB DDR4, Titan X 12GB, two 1TB EVO SSDs and a Corsair mechanical keyboard.

Price? $5,328.00. Ouch. And that’s starting with the base model. The Professional workstation starts at $2700. No doubt the specs can make any computer scurry away in fear. It’s the price to get there that’ll make your bank account shrink in a hurry.

If you have the cash around and just want it done in the form factor, why not? It looks fantastic, and you can keep upgrading. It’s that initial sticker shock that will turn a lot away. Maingear has a winner thanks to the Ultra HD curved display. That alone makes the Alpha 34 a killer AIO.

With money, of course.

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