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E3 is fast approaching, and we are finding out more about what we will and won’t see next week.

Quantum Break Shifts to Gamescom

Xbox exclusive Quantum Break will not be at E3. Remedy’s Sam Lake said our next look of Quantum Break will be at Gamescom. The developer will have a theater on the showfloor to showcase their new demo.

Remedy also plans to bring one lucky fan out to celebrate Remedy’s 20th anniversary later this year. Check out the video below for details.

Man, I was hoping to see more of Quantum Break next week – but it makes sense. Microsoft shifted Quantum Break to 2016 earlier this year. E3’s focus will be on games coming over the next six months.

Mega Man Legacy Collection

Old-school Capcom fans will be excited to hear about the Mega Man Legacy Collection. Here’s the announcement trailer.

The collection features “faithful reproductions of the series’ origins with the original six Mega Man games.”

The six-game collection will be released this summer as a digital download on PS4, Xbox One and PC for $14.99. It will also hit Nintendo 3DS this winter.

Capcom also confirmed that Resident Evil Zero and Devil May Cry 4 – Special Edition will be playable at E3. Street Fighter V will also have a big E3 presence including a tournament stage.

No Fallout 4 on PS3 or Xbox 360

This was obvious after seeing no mention of the two consoles in the trailer, Fallout’s website or Fallout 4’s press release. But, Bethesda’s Community Manager Matt Grandstaff confirmed the news in a posting on NeoGAF.

“It is not coming to 360 and PS3, the stuff we’re doing will never work there,” Grandstaff wrote.

Ready at Dawn Hires Blizzard’s COO for CEO position

The Order: 1886 Ready At Dawn

The developer behind The Order: 1886 and multiple God of War games has a new CEO. The developer hired Blizzard Entertainment’s COO, Paul Sams.

Current CEO Ru Weerasuriya will serve as President and Chief Creative Officer.

“It is never easy finding someone to take over the reins of a company after this many years, but I cannot think of anyone better suited to guide the team as we look to the future. He is one of the most accomplished, respected and experienced leaders in our industry” said Ru Weerasuriya. “With Paul’s arrival, our studio in Irvine will turn its attention solely to creative and game development, while Austin will become the focus of our business endeavors. Paul’s expertise and industry knowledge positions us well to reach our company goals, including securing a strategic partner which will allow us to retain ownership of the transmedia IPs that we create.”

“Ready at Dawn is one of the best pure game developers in the industry. After 12 years, they remain an independent developer true to their craft of creating gameplay in unique and immersive worlds filled with engaging characters and experiences,” said Sams. “Much like when I joined Blizzard, my role is to create an environment in which our talented team can focus on making games without the business constraints and limitations that can hamper the creative process.”

GameInformer posted a lengthy interview with the pair about the future of Ready At Dawn. Some interesting tidbits include Ready At Dawn’s aspirations to self-publish, and they are currently working on two new IPs.


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