Microsoft Mimicker Asks How Do You Wake Up?
Microsoft mimicker alarm app

When did Microsoft suddenly enjoy being evil? Ok, the blue screens of death were evil, but the company never relished in unleashing them. Today? The company has dropped its old image of being the evil corporate behemoth into one that loves to have a bit of fun.

Enter the Microsoft Mimicker Alarm for Android. How do you wake up? Fitness tracker vibrating alarm? Maybe your Spotify playlist? Or, you could hate life and set you iOS alarms to crickets. Yeah, that’s the one alarm I’ll never sleep through.

The Mimicker Alarm wants to change that. Instead of sounds or vibrating fitness straps, Microsoft wants you to play a game. Oh yes, couples hours of sleep and my phone suddenly wants me to take a selfie with a particular emotion. Something tells me what I’m thinking isn’t going to be in the app.

mimicker alarm app from microsoft

Not feeling taking the fresh out of bed #nofilter selfie? Play a game instead. You can opt to find an object that matches a particular color or repeat a tongue twister like “how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?”

Dismiss the alarm and fall back to sleep? Microsoft isn’t done with you. The Mimicker Alarm gives you 30 seconds to complete one of three tasks – a selfie, color capture or the tongue twister.

Miss the window? “If you don’t complete that game in time, we assume you’ve fallen back asleep, and then the alarm will start ringing again,” says Allison Light, a program manager for Microsoft’s Project Oxford team.

I’m going to assume Allison is one of those rare morning people.

Mimicker Alarm

Microsoft isn’t out to develop the most annoying alarm for Android devices. The app was created to showcase the company’s machine learning capability. Since the code is open source, Light, and her team decided an alarm app was the easiest way for other developers to deconstruct the code and learn how to use the APIs.

Right. Nothing says machine learning like turning off your alarm by screaming “how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?”

Way to be evil Microsoft. Damn funny, though.

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