Misfit is feeling a bit next-gen today with the launch of its Shine 2. Design-wise not much has changed. In fact, at first glance you can’t tell what’s changed on what has always been a distinctive wearable. The circular design is still there, as is the ring of lights used for notifications.

But we all know beauty is more than skin-deep. The changes are under the hood with the Shine 2 getting some serious tech upgrades. A new three-axis magnetometer is joining an updated accelerometer.

Not only will it track your activity and sleep, the Shine 2 syncs with a variety of smart home devices and Internet services. It is compatible with the Misfit Link, which lets you play music and interact with your smart home gadgets via IFTTT or Logitech’s Harmony Hub.

Oh, and it lets you take selfies. Why? If it can unlock your door, controlling your camera is ‘why not?’ feature.

Move to Shine

My favorite addition? It’ll remind you to get off the couch. The Misfit Move function will gently nudge you with vibrations to get moving. All fitness trackers should have this function. You will hit 10,000 steps…

It doubles as a silent alarm. A bit more peaceful than a jarring alarm clock. And it’s not like you can toss it across the room in one motion.

[divider]Misfit Shine 2 Construction[/divider]

Made from a combination of aircraft-grade aluminum and glass-reinforced polycarbonate, the Shine 2 promises water resistance up to 50 meters. Battery? No worries about charging it. The replaceable coin-cell battery should get you six months of use.


You can buy it online today for $99.99. Color options are Carbon Black or Rose Gold. Not exactly a ton of choices, but it’s a fitness tracker, not a statement piece. You can choose between the clasp, sport band or action clip. For those not familiar with the action clip, it acts as a clip for say a shoe.

Misfit Shine 2 in Rose Gold

Want to try it on before you buy? Expect the Shine 2 to land in stores next month before the kickoff to holiday shopping. Check out Misfit’s introduction video for more information:

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