Xbox One fans are anxious to hear more about the games coming to Xbox One via Backwards Compatibility. You won’t have to wait much longer. Xbox’s Phil Spencer responded to a fan question asking about when we will hear about more games coming to Xbox One. Spencer replied that it should be sometime this week.

I’m with Josh, let’s get Red Dead Redemption on Xbox One stat.

Red Dead Redemption sits just below Call of Duty: Black Ops II as the most requested Backwards Compatibility game on the Xbox forum poll. The rest of the first page is a who’s who of the Xbox 360’s top titles. Call of Duty, Mass Effect, Halo Wars, Skyrim and more are the most requested titles.

What about some games that aren’t quite as high on the Xbox poll? Which games that aren’t the most popular would you like to see? Chromehounds would be a dream come true. Sadly, that’s not going to happen. We would also need Sega to turn back on the servers for it to be worth it.


How about Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis? Man, imagine the internet uproar if Rockstar put Table Tennis on there before Red Dead Redemption.

I would put money that the reveal will tie into Games With Gold for September. The Xbox team announced earlier this month that all future Xbox 360 games on Games With Gold will be Backwards Compatible.

Right now, the Backwards Compatibility feature is only available to Xbox One preview members. The feature will roll out to the public in November. That gives Rockstar about two months to make Red Dead Redemption happen. Don’t disappoint us.

You can keep up with the list of Backwards Compatible games here.

Which Xbox 360 games do you want to play on your Xbox One?

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