Better lock down parental controls for toy websites. Hasbro is offering up the dream toy for kids and husbands everywhere. It’s borderline evil to announce something that will be the bane of moms and wives everywhere this fall right before Mother’s Day.

Meet the Nerf N-Strike Elite Terrascout RC Drone Blaster. Did marketing get paid by the character for the branding? Ignore the ridiculous name and bask in the greatness that is a remote control, offroading tank drone that comes complete with live video controls.

Yes, it records your ambush on your mom/girlfriend/wife in 720p with the included controller. It also allows you to sit on the couch and happily annoy the hell out your family or take it to the office.

Nerf has been gradually building towards this moment. It has robots that can shoot foam darts. There are Nerf cameras to record you shooting foam darts. This fall? $200 gets you a drone tank that does all of the above. 18 foam darts of complete madness.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Terrascout RC Drone Blaster

You’re damn right I’m buying my nephew one. It’s the advantage of being an uncle. Carte blanche to give my six-year-old nephew the toys necessary to drive my older brother and his wife insane. Yeah, and it’s an excuse for a 32-year-old to play with same Nerf toy.

Nerf is making me feel old. I remember the good old days of the one-dart Nerf gun, or maybe if you were lucky a Nerf bazooka. Now? Kids can field an armored company of tanks to blast away while recording it for YouTube glory.

A firm release date hasn’t been announced but expect these to be everywhere before Christmas.

Now, let’s see DJI slap a paintball gun on a Phantom. It’s not fair to show off a Nerf drone from Hasbro and not wish something like that existed for our current crop of consumer drones.

Images: Hasbro

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