Classic maps. New look. Shipment and Vacant are the Modern Warfare maps going live tomorrow as part of the ongoing Season 1. The folks at Infinity Ward dropped a trailer showing off the new stuff coming tomorrow.

Dang, why did y’all have to mess with Shipment? I liked the old look better, showing a forgotten shipping area with tall grass covering everything.

Tomorrow, we get this.

Infinity Ward is all about making sure we have to look every which way for enemies on Modern Warfare maps. The changes to the map are obvious — more verticality with extra crates in the middle. But the small size still promises to be an absolute cluster. And I can’t wait to play it. 

Vacant gets a similar makeover with a much cleaner aesthetic across the map. We only get a glimpse of the outside portion on the left side of the map. 

Two Gunfight maps are also coming tomorrow with Shipment and Over Winter (a Christmas reskin of the existing Docks map). A slew of cosmetics also goes live tomorrow along with a new Operator – Nikto. 

Besides new places to play, we also get new ways. Drop Zone is a new limited-time mode. This mode made its first appearance way back in Modern Warfare 3. We’re also getting Cranked. It’s a variant of Team Deathmatch meant to combat camping. From an Activision blog post:

Cranked is a fast-paced, high octane Deathmatch where players race against the clock to get kills or suffer an explosive fate.

Well damn, I might actually dip into some Team Deathmatch now. 

As always, all the new Modern Warfare DLC (maps and modes) is free for everyone. 

I haven’t seen any info on whether or not a patch will be going up alongside the content tomorrow. I’ve been crossing my fingers for a fix for the spawns for a while. I usually play Headquarters, and spawns can be horrendous.

I’ll cover any significant changes (if any) when the new Season 1 content goes live tomorrow.

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