Here’s the next app you will download today. Meet Spring. The latest venture from entrepreneur David Tisch. Spring intends to make your mobile shopping experience actually enjoyable.

Mobile is being cracked at nearly all verticals. Advertising has been figured out by social media. Responsive websites are all but a necessity now. The next domino? Shopping on your mobile device.

Spring might seem social at first glance. Great design usually isn’t a hallmark of a mobile store app. But, Spring isn’t social. The app’s main area flows around a photo feed of products. About 100 brands can select what to feature for sale in the app each day and then post photos of it. That list of brands is sure to grow as Spring begins to roll out.

Brands featured right now include Alice and Olivia, Rebecca Minkoff, Del Toro, Warby Parker and Great Brands among others.

spring app image

What has retailers excited is the ease at which users can purchase an item. Gone is the shopping cart. Today, it’s all about the one-swipe buy. After your first purchase, purchase details including address and credit card info will be saved. The only thing holding you back from an impulse buy is a simple swipe.

There are several tabs with Spring. Brands you follow will dominate your home stream. Want to branch out and look for something different? The Discover tab will show you products based on categories and brands. Browse offers suggestions based on clothing type and popularity.

Spring is a universal shopping cart across dozens of brands. Instead of a slew of apps on your smartphone, Spring brings them all together under one umbrella. And, it looks great.

Additional brands are expected to join Spring soon. As for how transactions are handled, vendors are in charge of everything from order fulfillment to customer service.

Check out Spring here.


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