Thanks PowerUp Toys. I officially feel old at 33. Who doesn’t remember the paper airplane contests from school or sitting around the house tearing through reams of paper? Now it’s all about technology. Instead of catching the right throw, the Paper Airplane VR Drone is an FPV drone letting you experience and control the flight.

Take your smartphone and toss it into the Google Cardboard viewer to see what your paper airplane sees and control it by moving your head. If you have vertigo (me), that doesn’t sound very enticing. You can ditch the VR part and control it with your phone. I already fall enough. Let’s not give my doctors another reason to question my sanity.

Paper Airplane VR Specs

It won’t break distance records, but it will annoy the hell out of your coworkers with a distance of 300 feet and ten minutes of flight time. Charging takes around 90 minutes, and it has a top speed of 20 mph – depending on the airplane’s design. 20 mph in the hands of my nephew? Sold. My brother may hate me, but it’s all in the name of fun.

Paper Airplane VR Drone camera

Other features include automatic takeoff and crash detection – it’s made of carbon fiber polypropylene for durability. Autopilot stabilization for those who suddenly forget which way is left. It’s your other left…

The front-facing camera both streams and records video and audio. With the included Google cardboard viewer, it is Android compatible. iOS users can join in the fun too with GamePad controls.

Paper Airplane VR Drone box

Price. [amazon link=”B01LZQ02UJ” title=” It’s $179.99 and includes everything you need to get started” /]:

  • PowerUp FPV twin motor Wifi camera module
  • Google cardboard FPV viewer (I AM Cardboard Google certified)
  • Micro USB cable for charging
  • 2 Spare propellers (left and right)
  • Eight premium printed templates sheets for easy flying
  • 550 mAh quick connect Lipo battery
  • Spare rubber bumper

It screams dog fights at the office or handing one off to your nephew to irritate his parents. The company won a CES 2017 Best of Innovation Award for the design. Our parents got to tell how they walked to school uphill both ways in the snow. My generation? We used to have to throw our paper airplanes instead of drones. Millennials will need a better story to show how rough we had it.

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