Parrot is shaking up the consumer drone arena with the announcement of the Disco prototype. The move feels like a preemptive strike on whatever GoPro has up its sleeve as it preps an entrance to the consumer drone market. It’s all about standing out in a crowd of quadcopter multirotors. Mission accomplished from Parrot thanks to the unique, fixed-wing design.

Yep. I want one. 45 minute flight time? Hell yes. The best I can get out of my Phantom 3 Pro is about 22 minutes. And it sure as hell doesn’t go 50mph. What we don’t get is any idea on pricing.

One of my favorite parts is the launch. Toss it like an overgrown paper airplane and the Disco flies to an altitude of 50 meters and settles into a holding pattern. Pretty damn cool.

Serious flight time and 50mph top speed have me curious about the range. Parrot’s Skycontroller gives the Bebop 2 a range of 1.2 miles. No reason to think it would be any different here, though I’d hope for something pushing the 2-mile mark. It’s fixed wing after all. You won’t be dropping it off a canyon to hover.

Parrot Disco Visuals and Construction

No gimbal here which means serious stabilization is going on with the 1080p, 14-megapixel camera. The video shows it off pretty well, but we are also looking at footage provided by the company. Seeing it real-world is paramount.

Parrot announces Disco fixed-wing drone

What about durability? Owners will be tossing it in the air and landing it on the ground. Thanks to the tough foam construction, Parrot says the Disco is durable. 50mph into a tree durable? No, but normal wear and tear it can handle.

One knock against it is probably the size. Fully-assembled, it has a wingspan of 1.1 meters. Thankfully the wings can be taken off. Should make for a few interesting looking backpacks.

With the foam construction, we won’t have to worry about lugging around a pack full of bricks. It weighs in at a slim 1.5 pounds. Makes up for the giant wingspan

While some might look at it and question their ability to fly the craft, Parrot insists it is easy. They want the Disco to be approachable. Tap in waypoints on your phone and it flies itself. Or, opt for Parrot’s drone controller and enjoy the tablet or optional FPV.

Parrot, we need pricing and a firm release date. Not sure I’m sold on the digital stabilization, but I’d like to see what’s happening when consumers get their hands on it.

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