Prey’s box touted it was “PS4 Pro Enhanced” when it released earlier this month. But that wasn’t the case at all. It looked and played just like the standard PS4 version. A real gut punch to the PlayStation folks who jumped to PS4 Pro and are always on the lookout for games that support it.

Almost 30 days after Prey’s release, Bethesda/Arkane Studios finally patched in some extra graphical bells and whistles for the PS4 Pro version. Let’s take a look.

– Enabled Screen-Space Reflections
– Higher quality shadows
– Improved texture appearance
– More texture memory (stable streaming)
– Anisotropy 16x (from 4x)
– Improved visual fidelity
– Less LOD usage
– Dynamic lights show up further
– Particles are allowed to draw more pixels per effect
– Particle refraction enabled

The devs also threw in a few tweaks to address the PS4 “input drift.”

UPDATE 6/1/2017: This week’s new patch isn’t all good news. Bad frame-pacing introduces noticeable stuttering. Plus, there’s a nasty little bug that messes with the FOV. Eurogamer/Digital Foundry has a breakdown of the new additions and problems added in this week’s patch.

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I knew there were perks to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds swallowing up all my gaming time. Now, I can give Prey a play with all the graphical enhancements that should have been there from day one.

Bethesda did respond to a forum thread about the lack of PS4 Pro enhancements shortly after launch. Here’s what they said about three weeks ago.

“Prey currently includes base requirements for PS4 Pro and we’re aiming to support additional enhancements with new updates planned for the game. When we have more details and timing on the update to share, we’ll let everyone know.”

I guess those base requirements are to make sure the game works. The problem is Prey’s physical box said “PS4 Pro Enhanced.” Not “works on PS4 Pro.” Hopefully, Sony starts putting a bit more pressure on publishers on what exactly “PS4 Pro Enhanced” means. Or, they bump up whatever the “base requirements for PS4 Pro” are right now.

Still, at least PS4 Pro folks are getting some extra graphical enhancements. Even if they are a month after release.

This is one of my issues with mid-gen hardware bumps. It muddies the waters. Sony (and publishers) don’t want to alienate their consumers. I get it. But “PS4 Pro Enhanced” on the box needs to mean extra graphical features. At launch. Not a month after.

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