The one-two punch of Valve’s DOTA 2 and CS:GO stands no longer. PUBG hit 862,413 players over the weekend. All vying for chicken dinner at the same time. That number put gaming’s newest phenomenon over the 850,485 peak seen on CS:GO.

Anyone who followed the success of H1Z1: King of the Kill knew PUBG was going to be popular. But this popular? This quickly? No way. After PUBG eclipsed Fallout 4’s peak player count, I thought it might challenge CS:GO’s number. But the sheer growth PUBG is seeing right now is insane.

Here’s what the growth chart looks like since launch.

PUBG growth chart

But it’s the past month where PUBG has exploded. Peak player count was sitting around 480,000 on August 1. In one month, it nearly doubled. Since June, PUBG’s peak player counts are up nearly 400%. That’s just nuts.

Now the question is, what games is PUBG pulling players from? SteamSpy is diving into that very question in an interesting Twitter thread this morning.

There’s a lot more interesting info over on SteamSpy’s Twitter.

A fantastic game at the right time

H1Z1: King of the Kill showed the Battle Royale genre was ripe for an explosion. The genre just needed the right developer to come along. A developer who would push frequent content updates and fix bugs quickly. PUBG’s Bluehole was that developer.

Updates will come a little less frequently now, though. New maps, vaulting, and the Xbox One version is keeping Bluehole busy.

I want to see how the Xbox One version shakes up the top games on that platform. If PUBG can put pressure on DOTA 2, GTA V could fall to second on Xbox One.

Now, we wait for the inevitable Battle Royale rush. Big publishers aren’t going to sit on the sidelines for long. Ubisoft is already thinking about using their current games as springboards into the genre. The Division and Ghost Recon would be perfect.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Halo jump in. I remember reading the books about how Spartans would be dropped off to fend for themselves during training. Obviously, 343 shouldn’t ditch the Halo multiplayer we all know and love. But a Battle Royale mode could be just what the franchise needs.

PUBG’s next target? DOTA 2

PUBG’s next milestone is 1 million peak players. After that, DOTA 2 sits atop the leaderboard with 1,291,328 peak players. I won’t say PUBG can’t do it. Not after how quickly CS:GO’s second place spot fell.

If the past 30 days are any indication, PUBG will be at 1 million quicker than we all think. And past DOTA 2 peak player record soon after.

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