Early access games going to early access. We were supposed to get our first taste of PUBG’s new vaulting feature this week. But that schedule appears to be in flux right now. The official Twitter account fired off a series of tweets a few hours ago explaining what’s going on.

A problem popped up during internal testing over at PUBG Corp. And so far, the folks there haven’t been able to fix it. Since the test servers are going live for longer than they usually do, the devs want the servers to be as stable as possible.

PUBG diehards are already using the crouch-jumping trick to get some of that vaulting goodness early. But true vaulting is going to be a gamechanger. We’ve played PUBG a certain way for much of the year. Soon, new flanks will pop up across the island. Safe cover won’t be so safe anymore. Just running through compounds and cities will be easier and play smoother. Once all the bugs are ironed out of course.

Here’s another look at the E3 video showing off the vaulting feature.

I can already picture all the crazy shenanigans in future highlight videos. YouTuber dearsomeone brings together all the insane moments from the PUBG fanbase in regular videos every week or so. It’s a fun way to blow 10-15 minutes, and see how your plays stack up against others.

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