Update: Ubisoft says there will be 11 maps at launch. And DLC will be free. You definitely have my attention now, Ubisoft.

On December 1st, Rainbow Six: Siege will release with 11 multiplayer maps. That’s according to PC Gamer’s Shaun Prescott. Level designer Benoit Deschamps revealed the map count while showing off the game in Sydney.

“As for now, yes there are ten maps,” Deschamps said. “But we have more planned because we’re already working on more content for players after launch.”

Rainbow Six: Siege was recently delayed several weeks based on player feedback. The developers will be fine tuning the co-op experience, weapon and gadget balancing and the UI.

I know many of you don’t like hearing about a developer working on DLC before the game is out, but Deschamps is a level designer. It’s not out of the ordinary for some developers to transition to DLC while other developers continue work on other parts of the game ahead release.

The bigger question I have is how does Siege’s map count compare to previous Rainbow Six titles? Let’s have a look.

Rainbow Six: Vegas launched with ten multiplayer maps.

Border Town
Calypso Casino
Casino Vault (man I loved this map)
Kill House
LVU Campus
Research Labs

Ten more multiplayer maps were added via DLC.

Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 launched with 12 multiplayer maps.

Kill House
Three Kingdoms Casino
Oil Refinery
CQB Training
Vegas Junkyard
Convention Center

The last two Rainbow Six titles had about the same number of maps. But there is one glaring difference. Rainbow Six Vegas and Vegas 2 had story modes. Rainbow Six: Siege does not. Is that a deal breaker by itself? For some it is.

I don’t necessarily mind multiplayer titles only, but developers need to make sure there is enough value there to charge $60. Ten multiplayer maps for $60 with no dedicated story mode is going to be a tough pill for many to swallow. Star Wars: Battlefront will get away with 12 maps because it’s Star Wars. Rainbow Six doesn’t have that kind of pull.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Rainbow Six: Siege is an incredible game with ten well-designed maps.

Ubisoft did delay Siege, but they are confident enough to run a large closed beta test starting September 24. We’ll all get a chance to try out Siege’s multiplayer before the game releases on December 1.

What do you think of Siege’s map count? Is it enough to warrant a $60 price tag?

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