“In Argentina, almost one person dies in a traffic accident every hour.” Samsung opens its Safety Truck video below with the dire statistic.

Why are traffic accidents such a problem in Argentina? Most of the accidents occur as motorists try to pass semi-trucks on two-lane roads. Anyone who has ever passed a semi-truck on a two-lane road knows how hard it is to see around them.

Samsung is tackling the problem with technology. How can you make it easier for motorists to pass semi-trucks?

Slap a built-in wireless camera on the front.

samsung safety truck camera

And, four monitors on the back.

Samsung Safety Truck monitors

It’s a fantastic solution that will save not only the lives of motorists, but also truck drivers.

Truck drivers are also at high risk for accidents when drivers attempt to pass them. Four-wheelers are notorious for following too closely to semi-trucks. If you can’t see the truck driver, they can’t see you.

Making it easier for motorists to pass gives them one less thing to worry about.

The camera also has a night-vision mode.

Samsung Safety Truck night vision mode

Samsung touched on other advantages provided by the Safety Truck. Imagine being able to see a deer in the road or a stalled car through the monitors on the back of the semi-truck. You could anticipate any sudden braking and avoid another potential accident.

When will we start seeing this technology on the open road?

That’s going to be awhile. The video above is more of a proof of concept. Samsung shows the Safety Truck works and has the potential to reduce accidents.

The next step is a lot more boring. Samsung needs to get permits, government approvals, etc.

Plus, Samsung will need to do more testing. The last thing anyone wants is a fatal wreck because there was a glitch between the video camera and monitors.

No amount of technology can beat a little patience. If you find yourself stuck behind a semi-truck, back off a little bit and be patient before you pass them.

Image credits: YouTube

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