It’s always cool to see developers grab aspects of how we play from one game and incorporate it into a sequel. Even cooler when it’s a surprise. When Middle-earth: Shadow of War hits in October, you could see a familiar face or two.

Fire up Shadow of Mordor today, and you’ll see a new mode called Nemesis Forge. Here, you can grab your greatest rival or most loyal follower and bring them along for the ride to battle Sauron once more.

The Nemesis system is what we all remember from playing Shadow of Mordor. It gave us our own set of bad guys to face off against, and each fight changed the story in small, but unique ways.

Defeated Orcs would show back up remembering their triumphed victories or defeats. Those you’ve already bested would appear with scars based on the previous battles. And each one had different strengths and fears.

Shadow of War looks to improve on the Nemesis system big time with a heavy helping of personality and extra ways for followers to help you.

Never played Shadow of Mordor? You can still get your very own Nemesis before Shadow of War hits. Shadow of Mordor is free to play starting now until July 9 on Xbox One and Steam. Or, you can pick it up for a hefty discount on all platforms.

Shadow of War is going to have some stiff competition when it hits on October 10. Still, the LOTR setting with a slick combat system and an expanded Nemesis system? I’m pumped to play it. The question is, should we hold off until the inevitable Black Friday sales?

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