First, Juergen Beneke has to be patting himself on the back for the name. It works perfectly for the product. The Shelfie aims to be a non-eyesore bike rack for your house. A one piece system on Kickstarter, it will hold your bike, helmet, water bottle and gloves. Best of all, no clutter.

The shelfie bike rack can hold just about any bike. The kickstarter page brings up the valid point of the proliferation of bike-share plans in urban areas. Biking is fast becoming a mode of transportation in urban areas. Great way to beat traffic, plus you get the benefits of exercise. What the creators aim to do is bring your bike inside your home in a way that doesn’t look like you just tossed it down.


One interesting display the shelfie creators have come up with is a classic bike display. Basically bike art for your living room. If you are a collector or want to display your triathlon bike, then it can handle that.

Below is the Kickstarter video explaining the product. If it is funded, the first Shelfies will be arriving in homes sometime in September.


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