Snapchat is looking out for its users in an update released Monday. Travel Mode is the company’s answer to complaints Snapchat is chewing through the data plans.

Before the update, Snapchat auto-loaded stories of people you were following in the background. Leaving the confines of WiFi and you can literally see your wireless carrier smiling diabolically.

Today? Go to Settings in the app. Tap Manage and activate Travel Mode. It forces you to tap to load the stories you want to see. If it can wait till you’re back home and on your WiFi, it can save you a bundle every month.

When the hell are wireless carriers going to race to the bottom on unlimited data plans again? T-Mobile sorta offers it, and the rest of the carriers grandfathered long-term customers in on legacy plans.

It is the age of the Internet. Do it before you wake up to Google, Alphabet or whatever the company will be called next snaps up spectrum.

Snapchat Goes Emoji CrazySnapchat Gets a Trophy Case?

Not too sure this is a part of the update because some see it on the iPhone while others do not. If you do, you have a trophy case for all those achievements you’ve unlocked. For now, it just repeats on mine.

You have to wonder, what’s the eggplant trophy? Dirty minds… Dirty minds…

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