EA COO Peter Moore Teases (Maybe) Cool Star Wars Battlefront DLC
Star Wars Tatooine

As EA gets ready for Star Wars Battlefront to print money, the company’s COO Peter Moore touched on the game’s DLC plans. “What we’ve announced is four extra packs over the next 12-18 months coming post launch,” said Moore during a recent earnings call. “You’ll see new universes, you’re gonna see new player actions, obviously new weaponry as well.”

New universes is an interesting phrase to use. Could we see maps and heroes that span the prequels too? It’s an intriguing thought. Moore also talked about how DLC passes are “integral” to keeping players engaged after a game’s initial release. Or you know, you could just keep players engaged by having tons of content at release. As for pre-orders? It’s Star Wars. It could suck and it would still sell. Moore described them as “excellent,” but didn’t dive into specific numbers.

EA knows they have us

I’m a Star Wars fanatic. And I’m buying Battlefront, along with millions of others. DICE did a fantastic job capturing the Star Wars feeling in Battlefront. How could you not have a big ass grin on your face when you jumped into an AT-ST and started mowing down Rebels? Or force pushing Imperials with a clunky controlling Luke Skywalker?

Battlefront has its issues, but all DICE needed to do was nail the presentation. They nailed it and then some.

As for the DLC? I’m holding off until we get more concrete details about what’s coming. “New universes” sounds interesting. Darth Maul as a playable hero? Yep, I’m sold. Oh, and maps. Lots of maps. We’re already getting screwed with the base game. 12 maps across a handful planets? And $60? With no story mode? Like I said, EA knows they have us.

What kind of DLC do you want to see? If new universes mean different eras, which ones do you want to see DICE focus on? I’ll take Darth Maul, Chewie and HK-47.

HK 47 Star Wars robot

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