Star Wars Porsche Starfighter Will Need a Hell of a Pilot

The marketing campaign for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker continues its unrelenting pace today with a marketing crossover even Yoda missed. Introducing the Tri-Wing S-91x Pegasus Starfighter. The collaboration between Lucasfilm and Porsche had the automaker create the starfighter based on its forthcoming EV, the Porsche Taycan.

Star Wars and Porsche pegasus starfighter

Before we get too excited, the Porsche creation will not appear in The Rise of Skywalker, but a five-foot replica will be on the red carpet. It wouldn’t shock me to see the starfighter start to pop up in other Star Wars media like comics, books, and perhaps a video game.

Here’s the official line from Porsche on the design of the S-91x. “The basic shape of the cabin, which tapers towards the rear, and a highly distinctive topography from the cockpit flyline to the turbines establish visual parallels with the iconic design of the 911 and the Taycan,” said Porsche design VP Michael Mauer. “The front is reminiscent of the so-called “air curtains” (air inlets) that go together with the headlights to create a single formal entity in the Taycan.”

One thing you’ll notice in the pictures is the addition of headlights. You’ll probably be thinking why, but don’t forget they would come in handy landing on a certain jungle planet. 

Star Wars and Porsche S-91x

For me, the starfighter reminds me of two from the Star Wars universe. First, the front is all Y-Wing. That’s the immediate thought. Then the three seats are a callback to the days of the Arc-170, which we saw in the last prequel, Revenge of the Sith. Granted, the precursor to the X-Wing had a vastly different layout; you can see Porsche making various nods to current and previous fighters with the Pegasus design. 

While not in the movie, I can already see Battlefront fans clamoring for this to be an addition to the game in some form of an update. 

Meanwhile, we are one week away from the conclusion of the Skywalker story. Episode IX officially hits theaters on December 20, but if you have a relatively decent theater, showtimes will start next Thursday around 6 pm local time.