Street Fighter V and the War Against Quitting
Stree Fighter V rage quitters

Ah, the rage quitter. We’ve all seen it. Hell, many of us have been in their shoes. But, more and more developers are trying to find ways to keep us playing and not quitting. Capcom is the latest to tackle this problem head on.

In a blog post on Friday, Capcom said they notice the problem and are “working on a permanent solution.” There’s no ETA on this “permanent solution,” but Capcom is going to start taking action against habitual quitters starting next week.

“This punishment will be severe for the worst offenders, but we will need the community’s help with this,” Capcom writes. What can you do? Record it. Capcom recommends using the SHARE function on your PS4, but any recording will do.

Street Fighter V matchmaking issues

Capcom continues to push updates to improve matchmaking in Ranked and Casual modes. Decreasing wait times for users across the world is the main priority, and the developer will continue to push updates as needed to improve.

Besides incremental updates, Capcom is also busy working on post-launch support for Street Fighter V. Here’s what their current roadmap looks like.

Street Fighter V content road map

While not in the image above, Capcom is also looking into adding an ‘Arcade Mode.’

“The team is looking into adding an Arcade Mode and we’ll have more information to share soon,” Capcom told Forbes in a statement. It’s a weird omission, but at least they’re looking into it.

How do you stop quitters?

It’s an issue every developer with a competitive multiplayer angle tries to stop. One popular way is to implement timed matchmaking bans. Halo 5: Guardians and Rocket League both issue timed bans for quitters. But, it’s not without its own issues.

I played Grifball the other night, and my brother lost connection to the match. So, I quit. After just one quit, I received a six-minute ban. I’m all for combating quitters, but that’s just ridiculous. I can see the matchmaking ban coming in after multiple consecutive quits, but just one? Same thing happened to one of my friends playing Rocket League on Friday night. He couldn’t fully connect to the Ranked match and was hit with a 15-minute ban.

So, how do you implement a system that punishes rage quitters, but not people who lose connection? It’s a tough question. One way would be to look at the percentage of matches ‘quit’ and institute a timed matchmaking ban for any quit after that. Say 15 minutes for any quit past 15%. No system is perfect, but that would be a start.

Or, Capcom could adopt a GTA V-esque system. In GTA V, if you blow up an enemy player’s vehicle you earn “bad behavior” points. Too many points and you’re sent to the “bad sports” lobby where you can only play with other “bad sports.” Capcom could create a set of lobbies where only quitters are matched up against one another for a certain amount of time.

A combination looking into quit percentage and quit lobbies would probably work best.

Developers will never be able to completely stop quitting. But there are ways they can curtail it. Let’s just hope Capcom’s solution isn’t so strict that the occasional connection problem leads to bans.

What kind of solution do you think Capcom should use to help prevent quitting?

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