A tattoo is meant to invoke your individuality or possibly way too much alcohol. A Tech Tattoo? Purpose and data. If you follow the tech arena, Chaotic Moon Studios has crossed your screen once or twice. The company is always pushing the limits of what imagination and technology can achieve.

What exactly is a tech tattoo? You know the stick-on tattoos you bought as a kid? Imagine if those had a purpose. In an interview with Techcrunch, CEO Ben Lamm described them as the new wearable.

Each ‘Tech Tat’ contains a microcontroller and LED lights. The stick-on function makes the temp tattoo look embossed against the skin. What Chaotic Moon wants to do is change the way we view wearables. Think if your Fitbit or whatever tracker was a bit more permanent.

The tech tat could monitor stress levels, blood pressure and heart rate and your body temperature. That data would be transmitted through the tattoo’s conductive paint.

That alone would have been incredibly useful a couple months ago. I landed in the hospital with pericarditis. Yeah, nothing sends an ER into overdrive like a 32-year-old complaining of chest pain with unexplained tachycardia. Hello, needles and impossibly sticky heart monitor patches.

And more needles. Oh, and more patches.

Two days of that, another day of a Holter monitor and a stress test. Yeah, I’ll take the stick-on tattoo folks. Technology over needles every time for me. If a tech tat can become a health wearable, I’m already sold.

Tech Tattoo Prototype

It’s still in development and Chaotic Moon is showcasing the prototype. Regardless, we get to see the future happen before our eyes. It isn’t just health wearables where the company could find a niche. Other companies are developing temp tattoos.

Tech Tattoo from Chaotic Moon Studios

A UC San Diego team is working on one that converts sweat into electricity. Motorola is working on throat mics. You have to admit that will be cool. No more Bluetooth earpieces? We would look all tactical answering the phone.

Other use cases include banking and GPS on your kid in a crowded area.

How would this look? Chaotic Moon is offering a glimpse of its prototype.

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