There isn’t a more peaceful way to spend an early morning. Fly fishing with your dad. And watching me manage to find the one tree to bury the line in. Trust me, if I can manage to get something stuck, I will find it.

Our adventure in fly fishing started with YouTube. If it’s utterly random, our dad will find it, and suddenly we are outfitted with Tenkara rods. Admittedly, I’m not the biggest fan of fishing. I’m the guy with the camera if I’m going.

But, fly fishing? Sign me up. It could be it focuses me more, or it’s different enough to grab my attention. Regardless, it’s a blast. And, thanks to Tenkara Rod Co, it is getting stylish.

proof eyewear

The company, famous for it’s Kickstarter campaigns, has unveiled its first collaboration with Proof Eyewear. Based in Idaho, Proof is known for its sustainable product line. Every pair of eyewear is made from sustainable resources, making it a perfect partner for TRC.

The $300 limited run collection features a pair of polarized sunglasses made from a cotton based acetate frame, and FSC certified wood temples. Spec junkie? Each pair is water resistant, has 5-barrel hinges and features Carl Zeiss lenses.

If the fact that it comes with a Tenkara Rod set didn’t give it away, each frame has the quote ‘Get Out and Fish’ etched on it.

Tenkara Rod Co X Proof Eyewear

It doesn’t stop with sunglasses. The package includes everything you need to ‘Get Out and Fish.’ A Teton rod is included and works for both the beginner (me) and the more experienced anglers (our dad). We actually have the Tenkara USA rods, and they’ve been a blast to hit various spots across NE Alabama.

The package is rounded out with three of the company’s favorite flies, a soft case, line and a spool to get you started. For $300, you can’t go wrong. One extra accessory you’ll need is a net. Our dad is the king of kitting out various outdoor gear. Amazon or a local sporting goods store is your best bet.

tenkara rod co package

Tenkara Rod Co knows they have a winner on their hands with the package and did one slick marketing video for the collaboration.

Thanks, fellas. I now wish it was fall. Instead, it’s damn near 100 degrees outside with the humidity to make it miserable.

Learn more about the collaboration at the company’s website and Proof Eyewear.

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