Is it a bird? A plane? A CBS show failing at pandering? Supergirl has landed a full series order. Why? CBS wants you to like them.

Sure the numbers are there, but the network lacks the ‘cool’ factor. CBS wants to change its perception and is using Supergirl as the lead. If the first look at the show is any indication, I’m not sold.

Take a look:

That’s how we get introduced to our first female-lead superhero show? I looked around to make sure it wasn’t a joke, and it’s not. It’s straight off the official CBS YouTube channel.

Meet Kara Zor-El, your typical ‘aww-shucks’ girl who is clumsy, wears glasses and is awkward around guys. It’s like CBS took pieces of the Devil Wears Prada and mashed it with action sequences of Scorpion’s (CBS) first episode.

supergirl cbs trailer

I know the show’s pacing will make a bit more sense with the premiere, but the trailer is a nightmare.

If you are flashing back to memories of cliche romantic comedies, you’re not alone. Hell, it borderline reminds you of the SNL Black Widow parody. Way to go DC and CBS.

Here’s what I don’t understand. You have the dark gloom of Batman v Superman coming. While everyone is still debating the casting, the trailer does hold promise. It can give audiences something more to grab instead of explosions and quips.

Arrow fell off the rails this season, but it still had its moments of broodiness. And, I’m still hoping season four turns it around.

Flash embraced its goofiness, and the show works with its cast. It is heading towards its season finale hitting on most cylinders.

Both Arrow and Flash are DC properties adapted for TV (CW).

Now, it’s Supergirl’s turn. With marketing for Batman v Superman approaching, it is going to be jarring to see one world as gritty and dark. Then a show in the same universe that is romantic comedy / action / old-CW.

With the backlash mounting against the lack and portrayal of female superheroes, the show tried a preemptive strike against critics in the trailer:

“What do you think is so bad about ‘girl?’” Kara’s boss (Calista Flockhart) says. “[If] you perceive Supergirl as anything less than excellent, isn’t the real problem… you?”

supergirl cbs

That’s the Devil Wears Prada part, and the line has me shaking my head. We already know her name is Supergirl, but beating us over the head with it? Your call CBS.

Can it be a breakout hit for CBS? Definitely. The network is a numbers juggernaut. I just turn on Netflix and see how well Daredevil works and wonder why we can’t have the same for Supergirl?


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