The 21st-century ball and chain is easily our smartphone. You can make the argument mine is surgically attached to me. And that means one thing. I need it charged at all times. Hey, at least, I admit I have a problem. Not sure a 12-step program would work for me, but such is life.

With Apple being borderline evil on battery life, the solution is faster chargers and portable battery packs. What about both?

THINO is an Indiegogo campaign set to launch February 26th and offers both. And a bit more.

Power cable on thino smartphone charger

The primary feature is it is tiny. 87mm x 27mm x 12mm. You can grab and go without a tangle of wires or a battery brick. It offers the option for both microUSB and Lightning connectors for both data sync and charging.

Turn off the data sync and the charging port ramps to charge your phone up to three times faster over traditional charging cables. For those that love their keyrings, the THINO’s cable can be looped through and locked in place.

THINO Battery

One thing that has been missing from the faster charger market has been a battery. Not only are you not tied to an outlet, but you also get an onboard 480 mAh battery. Depending on how you use your phone, it’s good for about two hours of additional juice.

EDC thino keyring mounting

The company pushes the feature for emergencies, and I’m deeming Netflix an emergency.

THINO’s design focuses on keeping our electronics safe. Each has sensors baked into the small frame to detect abnormal temperature and surge readings. It promises to automatically cut the power if something goes wrong.

Other electronic safety features are below:

eclectronic design features of thino charger

THINO Crowdfunding

Preorders are up on the THINO website today ahead of the Indiegogo campaign. The company is pricing the chargers at $20, or 50% off the standard Indiegogo perk when it pushes live.

The sturdy aluminum frame makes a nice addition to the EDC people like me who want both a faster smartphone charger and the battery backup.

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