Vega Fights With Claw or No Claw in Street Fighter V
Street Fighter V Vega

It wouldn’t be Street Fighter without Vega. The “Spanish Ninja” is back in Street Fighter V with a new look. Hey, Capcom put a shirt on him.

The big news from today’s reveal is Vega’s fighting styles. In Street Fighter V, Vega can sheath his three-pronged claw during the fight. Doing so opens up several new moves including a command grab and “new attack properties.”

Capcom’s Community Manager Peter Rosas says knowing when to switch between the two styles will be a must for anyone playing with Vega. Rosas also notes, “Vega will no longer be able to pick up his claw once it’s knocked off, so knowing how to fight without the claw is a must!”

Check out some of Vega’s moves in the trailer below.

Those of you at Gamescom this week will get a chance to play with Vega at Sony’s booth.

Street Fighter V will hit the PS4 and PC in March 2016. As for the beta? Capcom’s first beta was a disaster. In a recent blog post, Capcom says they are postponing future betas until the server issues are addressed. There will still be at least three beta tests before Street Fighter V is officially released.

Props to Capcom for doing the betas in the first place. You know they are glad they did. The last thing anyone wants is for crippling server issues to pop up when Street Fighter V releases in March 2016.

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