Mishap with your drone? It’s bound to happen, and the accident itself can be more expensive than the brand new drone you just planted into the side of a building.

Verifly has a unique take on the insurance market. It’s costly to have full coverage on an item you use sporadically. The company’s idea is to take the insurance market and put a new spin on it. Make it on-demand. If only everything worked like that.

Available in 40 states, the company is another app addition to your smartphone. Lock in where you’re flying, agree to the terms and start flying. Rates start at $10 per hour depending on where – and it covers both personal and commercial use.

You know there’s a but coming, and here it is. The insurance only covers damages and injuries to others caused by drones weighing less than 15 pounds. Yeah, your drone isn’t covered. So whatever you named your drone doesn’t get accident replacement.

Verifly iOS

The other catch is how you’re using the drone. No flying above 400 feet to watch your new toy come crashing to earth. Zero drone racing coverage and Verifly will not extend coverage to those flying indoors.

If you’re contracted to handle drone coverage over a park or any outdoor event, it makes sense to have the insurance. It’s peace of mind and keeps you out of legal hell if the battery suddenly decides it’s had enough.

The app is available on the Google Play store and the iOS App Store today.

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