Your Vinyl Record Collection Deserves Organization
vinyl record separators

Have a burgeoning vinyl record collection? It’s time to get serious about organizing. Sure, you could go to Office Max and buy some cheap plastic bin. I think we both know if you’re spending the time to collect, you should make it presentable.

Luckily, Jonathan Dorthe feels the same way. He has handcrafted record separators to give all that vinyl a stylish home.

Made from 1/8-inch thick birch plywood, the separators come in sets of twelve. Each separator measures 13 inches wide by 13 inches high and is designed for alphabetical organization.

vinyl record separators etsy

For those not wanting to stare at a square foot of birch, the ‘A-B’ separator features an LP design engraved on the front.

Yeah, birch might be nice wood, but staring at plywood doesn’t give off the style your records deserve. The LP look on the front gives you another conversation starter in your living room.

Right, vinyl record fans needed a reason to talk about their collection. Or how the records sound better over Spotify (you know they have a point). You won’t have an excuse not to have everything crisply organized.

The separators can be ordered from Etsy, and are handmade in Montreal, Canada. A set of twelve will set you back $61.66 and the set ships to the United States and Canada. If you order, you’re looking at a 2-3 week wait time

You can check out the AtelierDmontreal store on Etsy.

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