Go ahead and admit it. You bought the giant iPhone. I did too. No shame. It’s just there isn’t much room left in our pockets to carry around everything else we need. Keys, knife, a multitool, etc.

Hell, I ain’t happy to see you. I don’t have any room left in my pockets. Zootility Tools is hoping to give you a little more space with the WildCard. It’s a light knife multitool that fits right in your wallet.

WildCard was born out of a successful Kickstarter project, PocketMoney. That was a 1mm then bladeless multitool that fit perfectly in a wallet. The new challenge? Add a knife and make it fit.

The result is a 2mm design that features a detachable blade. Why detachable? Airport security. The Fly-Off blade easily detaches from the multitool, allowing you to leave it at home. If you forget, it’s easy to detach and surrender to the TSA.

Yes, there was an actual commenter on the Kickstarter campaign asking about possible issues with airport security. I think my reward miles will go for a separate flight.

WildCard Features

It’s not a full-size Leatherman, so check the expectations at the door. It’s 2mm thick and fits in your wallet. The WildCard does feature a knife with a serrated edge. Companies that use adult-proof packaging? Done and done with the serrated blade.

Other tools on the WildCard include a small prybar for something like wood staples. A screwdriver for when you can’t find your eighty sets you know you have bought. Me? I will make that butter knife fit damn it. The WildCard will save me from some questionable warping at the tip of half a dozen butter knives. Don’t judge…

And the must have tool for anything wanting to be called a multitool? A bottle opener. I’m beginning to think we are all alcoholics in the United States.

wildcard multitool features

WildCard KickStarter

Zootility has been around the Kickstarter block. Their projects have been funded and released. Why the new funding round? Different tools. The company is dedicated to making its products in the United States and for a reasonable price. The goal for the campaign was set at $20,000. With 27 days to go, it stands at just over $33,000.

How much for a WildCard? $25, which is $5 off the retail price when the product goes into commercial production. Shipping times are up in the air. If you grab the WildCard Batch 2, it should be in your wallet this year.

The company is upfront in saying there might be some production time slippage, but they are close to certain it will make Christmas. Zootility won’t give that pledge a 100 percent certainty.

All pledges at the $25 mark will arrive by March 2016. The company is hoping it can get every order out the door before the new year, but things can happen with tooling and manufacturing. Especially as the calendar slides towards the holidays.

WildCard is an excellent option for the person in your life that looks like they are packing for a weekend trip just to go to work.

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