Some people have decent video game collections, but all pale in comparison to this one.

Michael Thommason holds a Guinness World Record for the largest collection of games. How many games are we talking? Over 11,000. Dang. And I thought having a couple of CD binders for my Xbox 360 and PS3 was a bit absurd.

Most of the game’s are in good, or mint condition. According to Thommason, more than 2,600 of them are “factory shrink-wrapped.” Over 8,300 are complete with box and manual.

If you’re wondering how long it took to amass this amazing collection, Thommason says it took more than 25 years.

How did Thommason build such a collection?

“I operated seven independent gaming stores during the nineties and have worked for another chain for the last decade. I also operated Good Deal Games online since 1998, having thousands of games cross my path. Whenever I purchased a game that did not directly come from the distributor I was able to look through all our inventory and pick out the nicest copy of a game, including grabbing the nicest box and manual. As a result, the games in my collection are mostly PRISTINE – you WILL be pleased!” he says on his auction page.

Check out the auction page to see some of the 11,000 games he has collected.

As for why he’s bidding farewell to his collection, Thommason says, “I simply have an immediate family and extended family that have needs that need to be addressed. While I do not wish to part with these games, I have responsibilities that I have made to others and this action is how I will help meet them. No worries, I’ve sold my collection many times in the past and still managed to capture Guinness’ attention, and it is entirely possible that I may again.”

Can’t fault him for taking care of his family.

Something tells me we’ll see Thommason again some day with another massive collection.

Check out this video of the world’s largest video game collection getting the Guinness World Record.


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