No. That’s what Amazon says to the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) plans to punish the company for not preventing kids from racking up in-app purchases on their parents’ credit cards.

The FTC is demanding Amazon implement stricter controls to prevent kids from making in-app purchases. The “consent” model would be similar to one Apple agreed to use earlier this year.

Amazon countered by saying its parental controls in place are good enough. Here is a piece of Amazon’s letter responding to the FTC.

“It’s an understatement to say that this response is deeply disappointing. The Commission’s unwillingness to depart from the precedent it set with Apple despite our very different facts leaves us no choice but to defend our approach in court.”

Amazon says they refunded purchases made by kids that the parents didn’t want.

You can some things about Amazon. But, they’ll issue refunds at the drop of a hat for anything.

Amazon ended their letter with this.

“Pursuing litigation against a company whose practices were lawful from the outset and that already meet or exceed the requirements of the Apple consent order makes no sense, and is an unfortunate misallocation of the Commission’s resources.”

We’ll see how the FTC responds to Amazon standing its ground. In-app purchases are a problem and certain game developers prey on kids in order to rack up insane bills.

What do you think? Is Amazon’s stance good enough, or should more be done? I say go after the app developers for creating some of these crazy in-app purchases.


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