We finally have a title. Yeah, the build-up for the title reveal was a bit much and ensured learning the title for Avengers 4 would always be underwhelming. Still, the trailer for Avengers: Endgame gives us one hell of a glimpse into what our remaining heroes are facing after Thanos snapped the infinity gauntlet in Infinity War.

The trailer opens with Tony Stark adrift in space and leaving a final note to Pepper via his damaged suit helmet. It then jumps to Thanos reusing his armor as a scarecrow and him walking through a field.

One surprise comes in the scene showing Bruce Banner swiping through the pictures of those lost in Infinity War. Yeah, that’s Shuri who we didn’t see turn to dust in Infinity War. Of course, we know Scott Lang (Ant Man) is still alive and had found a way out of the Quantum Realm.

After moving through a montage of the characters still alive, we flash upon Black Widow who sees Hawkeye dressed as Ronin. The trailer starts to wrap with Captain America and Black Widow discussing the upcoming operation and how it will work, but Rogers mentions he won’t be able to live with himself if it fails.

We get the Avengers: Endgame title reveal and then Scott Lang at the gate of the Avengers compound asking to be buzzed in. We all knew the Quantum Realm would be vital in reversing what Thanos accomplished in Infinity War and this confirms what set photos have shown us over the past year.

Another piece of good news is Marvel Studios has moved the film out of May and into April. It’s similar to what they did last year but gives fans just over a month to enjoy Captain Marvel before Endgame drops in theaters.

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