It’s exciting times for Battlefield V. A steady stream of maps are coming this summer, and later this year the Pacific Theater. Too bad new and returning players are being met with one hell of a bug right now. The unlock system isn’t working for a bunch of folks, including me. New weapons and gadgets earned as you level up don’t unlock. You’re stuck using what you’ve already earned. And for new players, only the starting weapons.

UPDATE: It looks like DICE just fixed the issue. All my guns/gadgets that were staying locked are now unlocked and playable.

For me, that means a locked Bren LMG, Flare Gun, and Gewehr 1-5.

A busy thread on the game’s official forums is filled with page after page of players complaining about the issue. On Reddit, it alternates between posts about the unlock problem and memes poking fun at it.

One Reddit commenter echoes how a lot of new players are feeling:

“I think I’m actually going to give up. Games so unbelievably fun but… I can’t unlock anything at all… I don’t know what to do.”

One of my buddies grabbed BFV on Xbox to change it up from our usual Battle Royale games. He digs the gunplay, too bad the unlock issue means he’s stuck using the same weapons over and over.

And the unlock issue isn’t the only thing I’ve noticed in the past few nights playing. Server performance seems to be all-around worse than when I played a few months ago. I’ve had high pings in some games, and the post-game stats screen doesn’t load most of the time.  

It’s a bug that could not have reared its ugly head at a worse time for Battlefield V. A solid roadmap of new content is bringing old and new players back to the game. A price cut during E3 also helped entice new players to give the game a go. Only to be met with a huge bug that keeps every unlock from being used.

No word yet from DICE on a fix for the unlock issue. Given the increase in new players, I can’t imagine it taking too long until the devs push a server update to fix this. I’ll keep this post updated once we hear from DICE or a fix is implemented.

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