You have your drone and enough micro-SD cards to consider wallpapering a wall in the office. How do you edit your photos or video? Luckily, there’s YouTube for that. Here are the best channels to get you started.

Getting Started

In case you don’t have a drone yet, but are in the market, here’s a how-to guide on picking a drone and a guide to the best drone camera. We keep it on a reasonable budget so everyone can enjoy the hobby. Once you decide and have it in hand, let’s work our way through the best youtube channels.

You’ll need software. It’s inescapable if the goal is professional level results. It’s a choice you have to make, but we use the Adobe CC product suite here. Final Cut can serve as an alternative to Adobe for video and on the photo editing side, don’t sleep on Luminar from Macphun. It also has the benefit of being a one-time charge. No subscription model. The counter argument to Luminar over Adobe CC is you’re stuck editing stills. Any videography will need Adobe CC or Final Cut.

Once you have your software of choice, crack open the folder and get to work.

Drone Video and Photo Editing

If you’re new, knowing the basics makes life that much easier. And even if you’re not new, you might find a few new tricks along the way. For me, the best way to learn is by doing. Sure, you can have an Ambien in book form, or start the learning process creating badass effects. I’m sticking with videos that engage me.

One of the coolest channels for learning various effects in Adobe Premiere and After Effects is from Justin Odisho. The man pumps out tutorials at a record pace. I don’t know where he finds the time, but if you’re not a subscriber, do it now. And give the man a follow on Instagram too.

That is one video of what seems to be an endless amount. Learn how to make cuts, text effects, color grading. The works. A camera is a camera.

Peter Mckinnon, more on him later, has started to embrace more tutorials. Recently he started tackling Adobe Premiere in what should be a multi-part series:

For photography, I stick with Serge Ramelli. He sells various courses and presets, but the man can make you a Lightroom and Photoshop pro straight from YouTube.

Both channels will give you the skills needed for editing and don’t stop at drones. You’ll be one badass with a smartphone camera. Instagram filters? Nah, you’ll be an ace at Lightroom Mobile and other smartphone camera apps. I would be remiss if I didn’t shout out Manny Ortiz. Easily the most approachable photography-focused channel, his vlogs and tutorials are always top notch.

Not filled with as many tutorials, but a must subscribe is Peter McKinnon. The man has perfected the art of vlogging as a photographer and videographer. It’s spot on content if you want to turn a hobby into something more.

Color grading tutorials can be found courtesy of Frederick Hagan. He will also breakdown settings for the various drones. While he’s stopped producing videos, they are as useful today as they were last year.

It shows you what anyone can accomplish with the files straight from a drone. And it doesn’t matter if you have a Phantom 3 up to an Inspire 2. He walks you through each step of the process.

best drone editing youtube channels

Drone Inspiration

Flying in your backyard only has so much appeal before it gets boring. You need to know what you can film, how to shoot it and the laws governing where you want to fly.

Let’s focus on the how. Christian Maté Grab has a great tutorial on the best cinematic settings for the Mavic Pro. The settings can be applied to nearly any drone. He walks you through the menu system, and you’re good to go.

Another solid channel is from Jeven Dovey. It’s a nice mix of drone video, filmmaking and more. Definitely worth a sub to his channel.

Now the where. Epic Drone Videos is a great channel to dream your day away. Here’s a taste of what you can create.

Yep. Sign me up for Zanzibar over Gadsden anytime. The channel features various creators each week and not only are the locations inspiring, how they edit their footage should give you endless ideas.

YouTube Video Music

Multiple routes here with some free and others paid. A great free resource is Audio Library – No Copyright Music. Another is NoCopyrightSounds. Always check the license of the music before you pair it with a video.

Paid resources include FilmStro at $14.99 for a personal pass and includes monetized Youtube content. Epidemic Sound is another paid source and its priced based on the number of views – $15 for 500K monthly views, $30 for 5 million and $150 for unlimited views.

All the channels and resources will get you started. The list will change and feel free to link to your channels or videos in the comments. We will add them to the post periodically.

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